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Does your resume utilize consistent margins that are larger than 0.5"? Extremely narrow margins can negatively affect how the document is printed and displayed online.


How compatible is the font you used? Is it supported by all software? Did you overdo it with bold and/or italics? Too much emphasis can have the opposite effect.


Does your resume include a summary section? Did you avoid including too much personal information or unnecessary details like hobbies or references?


Have you properly displayed your education history? Did you remember to include the type of degree you attained as well as where you studied?


Is your work history covered? Did you remember to include your position title, employer name and location, and the job's start/end dates?


How many skills are included in your resume? Have you done enough to promote your unique qualifications and boost your resume's impact?

iScore Resume Match — Score your resume against a job.

Compare your resume directly to the requirements of a specific posting and receive valuable insight on whether or not the skills listed on your resume meet the employer's demands.

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