2021 Top-10 Career Advice Articles

Top 10 iHire Career Advice Articles from 2021

A 2021 calendar year full of record turnover and millions of job openings across all industries is ending. With so many unique trends, including the Great Resignation and a candidate-centric market, iHire took a comprehensive look at all aspects of the job search to provide you with valuable career advice.

Without further ado, let's count down the top 10 career advice articles that resonated with our job seekers in 2021.


10. Ask a Career Advisor: Why You Aren’t Hearing Back from Employers

Article 10

In our annual State of Online Recruiting Report, nearly half (48.8%) of job seekers stated "not hearing back from employers" was one of their most significant job search challenges. In our Ask a Career Advisor series, iHire Chief People Officer Lisa Shuster shed light on this source of frustration and offered advice on how to handle ghosting.


9. Why It’s a Bad Idea to Fake Your Job Search to Stay on Unemployment

Article 9

Unemployment surged during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the newly unemployed found some amount of support from federally enhanced unemployment benefits while they tried to get on their feet. However, unemployment fraud also saw a noticeable uptick. In this article, we explained why partaking in such behavior is not in job seekers' best interests.


8. Part-Time Job Search Tips for Working Parents

Article 8

As people felt the impact of the pandemic on the job front, family households juggled layoffs and children taking their schools virtual. As a result, part-time and gig positions became popular. Here, we detailed how to find a job while balancing family dynamics.


7. Webinar: 10 iHire Tools to Get Hired Faster

Article 7

This candidate webinar was full of information on how to find a job by utilizing iHire's various tools that level up your search efforts, such as our iScore Resume Match, Salary Research Tool, and Cover Letter Generator. Check out the on-demand version anytime to learn more about these useful features.


6. How to Request an Informational Interview: 6 Templates

Article 6

Networking can sometimes take a back seat in candidates' quests to land a job interview due to more immediate concerns, like getting hired. However, making connections and requesting informational interviews with employees at companies you want to work at is a great way to stand out for positions that aren't open yet. Our templates for various communications channels will help you reach out to people with confidence.

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5. Job Search Checklist for Baby Boomers

Article 5

Over half of employed Americans now plan to work in retirement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As baby boomers are laid off from long-held positions, ageism in the workplace is becoming an issue. In this job seeker resource, we provided a checklist to help candidates compete with younger talent and overcome ageism on their job search.


4. Ask a Career Advisor: Should I Disclose on Resume if I’ve Been Fired?

Article 4

While being let go from a position is not uncommon, the shame that comes with being fired is real for those struggling to figure out what's next in their careers. This Ask a Career Advisor article discussed the best way to address being terminated from a position when looking for employment.


3. How to Prepare for Your First Remote Job

Article 3

We are experiencing a boom of remote jobs that shows no signs of slowing down. In this piece, we offered six suggestions for candidates to successfully transition from a traditional office setting to their first remote gig.


2. Ask a Career Advisor: How to Address COVID Unemployment

Article 2

In a similar vein to No. 4, COVID-19 was a key contributor to massive unemployment. Companies cutting staff in the early and peak days of the pandemic created some dreaded gaps in candidates' resumes. Lori Cole offered her wisdom with some action items to incorporate in your job search in this edition of our Ask a Career Advisor series.


1. Ask a Career Advisor: Should I Remove Dates from Resume?

Article 1

Ageism in the workplace was the No. 1 topic for candidates in 2021. In our most popular career advice article from 2021, Lori Cole delved into ways to tweak your resume to avoid age discrimination in a competitive market, flush with candidates looking to get back to work or move to a new position amidst the Great Resignation.


Honorable Mention

While these next five articles didn’t crack our top 10, they resonated with job seekers this year and earned honorable mention on this list:

From all of us at iHire, happy New Year and best of luck on your job search in 2022!


by: Chad Twaro
December 28, 2021

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